March 24th - 25th

Now at the
Holiday Inn in Addison!



Hosted by
Mother and Daughter
Psychic Mediums,
Kathleen Tucci
Heather Mason


If you've never experienced one - Now's your chance!

Reprogram your thoughts - allow the universe to give
you anything you’ve ever wanted!

Kathleen Tucci has designed the Goddess Oracle Retreat as a mini Psychic Camp where you learn to see auras, create prosperity rituals and invoke Goddess energy into your life as never before. A long established expert in psychic development, she's been teaching the role spirituality plays in our lives for well over a decade hosting spiritual circles, workshops, psychic training programs - many of her former students now teach their own spiritual development - and is a constant explorer of mystical history. Kathleen genuinely cares about your soul growth and in the Goddess Oracle she help you achieve hypnagogic meditation techniques through gentle spiritual coaching. You'll explore trance dance, and transpersonal art expression, helping you experience your own intrinsic abilities in spiritual phenomena.


Heather Mason is a clairsentient medium, astrologer, and spiritual teacher based in Littleton, Colorado where she has a private practice, runs a development circle and teaches various spiritual classes including her popular; Positive Activation and Spirit Vibration Workshop. She worked for the Balanced Living Institute - a worldwide psychic development organization in 2010-2011 and now facilitates her own Psychic Apprenticeship Program. She is a certified Soul-Body Fusion® Practitioner. Your soul is your connection to the richness and power of Universal Source. When body and soul are misaligned you can struggle to be the divine human you are meant to be. Using her techniques of positive vibration activation, she will show you how to manage your own vibration algorithm to live at a level of joy and happiness, and free from emotional burden.


Heather possesses expertise in helping you identify Angels and Spirit Guides, connecting you with your team of master souls to give you a clearer understanding of your divine purpose. She will do one-on-one readings interpreting the spirit helpers around you.

Kathleen will then help you become skilled in understanding the symbolic language they use to communicate with you. Learning to identify when guides are present, we'll show you how to manifest their presence as we perform ancient rituals of dance and expression. You'll awaken to mastery the teachings your soul has experienced in many life times and feel the love and power of spirit woman.

The Goddess Oracle will help you create the positive energy flow in your life through the power of thought and focus. The Positive Activation and Spirit Vibration method you’re taught will change your life and enable you to let the Universe do the worrying! This process enables you to allow the Universe to open doors and create flux for anything your heart desires; Money, Stability, Love, Relationships, Travel, Business and Health…whatever it is that you have always wanted, but can’t ever seem to ever really attain. 

In simple steps, we explore how to live in ancient Goddess energy - inspired, guided and practiced in a modern way. From nurturing meditation to igniting a new path in spiritual living, you’ll unfold true ambition, experience engaging visions of self acceptance, and be inspired to explore, design and put in motion a genuine road map of spirituality, soaring to new heights of awareness! Begin to unlock the mystery of connecting to universal power...living the Goddess Oracle.



Spiritual movement and meditation
Life visioning
Transformative exercises
Open your intuition




Reveal your divine purpose
Explore mystical alchemy
Identify spirit guides
Grasp the benefits of journaling


Design an altar
Perform a burning bowl ceremony
Align and Balance Vibrations
Make new spiritual friendships




Fun, confidence-building
Sharing with like minded women
Fundamental tools for spiritual growth
Give yourself a soul's experience!


Event Schedule

Sat: 2pm check-in / 2:30pm 1st breakout session / 5pm dinner / 6:30pm 2nd breakout session / 10pm wrap up
Sun: 8am breakfast / 9:30 breakout session / 12:00pm conclusion / 1:00pm check out




Where: Holiday Inn - Addison
4960 Arapaho Road
Dallas, Texas 75001
Hotel: 972-490-1212




When: Saturday, March 24th - Sunday, March 25th

Begins: Saturday at 2:00pm      
Ends: Sunday at 1:00pm


Included in Your Registration Fee:


Hotel Room MealsGoddess Booklet Altar Kit  JournalCandles / Incense Crystals Goddess Jewelry
Goddess Robe / Headdress

Meals include Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.
You're welcome to bring snacks, drinks and food if desired.
To keep cost affordable, rooms are shared between two individuals and are assigned when you register for the event. If you are desiring to share a room with a specific individual, please let us know so we are sure to meet your request.
Alcohol permitted. Dress comfortably, for meditation rituals.




For more information call or email Kathleen Tucci at:
info@kathleentucci.com or 214-502-6323





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